Furious Gaming lose laser
Posted: Nov 6, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The Argentinian based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team Argentina Furious Gaming has lost a team member.

After just the other week announcing the addition of the Chilean player, Chile Carlos 'Tio' Swing, today the managers had to announce accept the departure of Argentina Eduardo 'laser' Chshekin.

The announcement was made by the player via a tweet on his official twitter page, there he wrote that the reason behind the move is the lack of motivation within the team.

The official statement of Argentina laser on twitter is:

I have to announce my exit from the Furious Gaming roster.

"The lack of motivation within the team I had, led me to make this decision in addition to looking for new achievements as a player.

I feel that the lack of motivation I had on the team led to my individual game being affected and not being able to demonstrate 100% what I can do inside the server as I did before.

We tried many things to get the team's motivation back, changing positions, tl, game styles but I feel that motivation lasted less than a month and things went back to the way they were before.

FUTURE: During this month of November I will be focused on working on my individual game to get more spicy than ever. "

So with this, the new CS:GO team of Argentina Furious Gaming is:

  • Argentina Santiago 'TISAN' Rojas
  • Argentina Sebastian 'iKrystal' Palacios
  • Argentina Matias 'PREDI' Prediger (C)
  • Chile Carlos 'Tio' Swing
  • Argentina Rodrigo 'dinamo' Haro (coach)

It remains to see the new fifth of the Argentinian based CS:GO roster.

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