ForZe sign kUcheR
Posted: Oct 10, 2017 Written by: do_0h

The former Ukraine Hellraisers Counter-Strike:Global Offensive player, UkraineRussian Federation Emil 'kUcheR' Akhundov has found a new team.

The new team is a Russian based Organization, Russian Federation ForZe.

The announcement was made on the leading eSports news site,

With this in mind, the player returns to a team that played a role in his rise to the pro scene.

With this the new CS:GO team for Russian Federation ForZe is:

  • Russian Federation Anatoliy 'liTTle' Yashin
  • Russian Federation Dmitriy 'facecrack' Alekseyev
  • Russian Federation Anton 'kibaken' Kolesnikov
  • Russian Federation Andrew 'Jerry' Mehryakov
  • UkraineRussian Federation Emil 'kUcheR' Akhundov
  • Russian Federation Dmitry 'LemakaRovel' Makarov
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