ViCi Gaming and Flash Gaming part ways
Posted: Aug 10, 2018 Written by: do_0h

The Chinese Counter-Strike:Global Offensive players that played under the China Flash Gaming nametag, China YuanZhang 'AttakeR' Sheng, China YuLun 'Summer' Ca and China KunHua 'LOVEYY' Bai have parted ways with the China ViCi Gaming organization after six months without any notable results.

Being known as the new Chinese superteam, the China ViCi Gaming former roster failed to deliver the results.

The remaining two players China Weijie 'zhokiNg' Zhong and Hong Kong Wing 'Freeman' Hei Cheung will remain with the above three players on loan from ViCi Gaming under the China Flash Gaming nametag, and will hjave the innactive status withing China ViCi Gaming.

The team coach, China ZhengHui 'z8z' Liu will also remain with the team.

The announcement was made on the weibo page of the team, as for China ViCi Gaming, the organization now does not have any CS:GO line-up that can represent them.

The new/old China Flash Gaming team is:

  • China YuanZhang 'AttakeR' Sheng
  • China YuLun 'Summer' Cai
  • China KunHua 'LOVEYY' Bai
  • China Weijie 'zhokiNg' Zhong
  • Hong Kong Wing 'Freeman' Hei Cheung
  • China ZhengHui 'z8z' Liu (coach)

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