Fierce eSports lose two
Posted: Dec 1, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The British based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team United Kingdom Fierce eSports has lost two players in two days.

First of all the Latvian player, Latvia Ardis 'ardiis' Svarenieks has parted ways with the team due to miss understandings, second the Serbian player Serbia Aleksa 'Impulse' Stankic left the team to play with ex- Serbia BLUEJAYS International roster.

The announcement was made by a team member, team Captain, United Kingdom Sam 'Astroo' Gresham whom on twitter wrote:

"Best of luck @CSGOImpulse dont blame you for leaving you toxic serbian rat(this is a joke).

Also we are no longer playing with @ardiisCS there was too many clashes in the team and people were NOT ARSED LIKE IAN."

The Serbian player, Serbia Impulse announced his departure on twitter aswell:

"Decided to leave @FierceEsports after being disappointed in the team for some time, the effort just wasn't there.

I'm currently a Free Agent, looking for a team. AWP&IGL Wish the team and the organisation the best of luck in the future.

Retweets Appreciated!

To avoid confusion, the effort that wasn't put in was from the player side of the team not @FierceEsports, as I have all the best things to say for the organisation as they were very professional and correct. "

The future of the Latvian player, Latvia ardiis is uncertain, the Serbian is for now in the above mentioned team while United Kingdom Fierce eSports now is left with:

  • United Kingdom Sam 'Astroo' Gresham (C)
  • United Kingdom Tom 'Jenko' Jenkinson
  • United Kingdom Aaron 'fre1' Frei
  • United Kingdom George 'Whitey' White (coach)

In ex- Serbia BLUEJAYS International, Impulse will replace Serbia Luka 'c0llins' Zivanovic whom was released prior today, the announcement being made by the team coach, Serbia Darko 'soLo' Mitic on his twitter page:

"From today,we are parting ways with @c0llinsCS,you're a great player and a great guy but things didnt work out well for us and we needed a change.

We are binging in @CSGOImpulse,he is a really good player and we are ready for grind!!!

The Serbia BLUEJAYS International now known as ex- Serbia BLUEJAYS International were:

  • Serbia Filip 'aVN' Belojica
  • Serbia Milos 'dEE' Marceta
  • Serbia Aleksa 'Impulse' Stankic
  • Serbia Dimitrije 'DiMKE' Veljkovic
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Nemanja 'sarenii' Sarenac
  • Serbia Darko 'soLo' Mitic (coach)

The future of Serbia Luka 'c0llins' Zivanovic is now uncertain.

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