fajtZ wants to play full time
Posted: Aug 3, 2018 Written by: do_0h

The Estonian player, last seen playing for European Union HellRaisers as a stand-in at the China Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai 2018 in China Shanghai, China, where they are now out of the tournament stated to the guys over at hltv.org that he wants to play full time again.

The player said:

"My motivation is higher than ever and the many stand-in gigs have made me want to be on a team so much. My agent and I are on the lookout for something that matches my ambitions and dedication.

I want to wake up and work on improving as a team, instead of just using 10 hours each day on my own game.

Being at IEM with Hellraisers, going to Canada to play with boxr and aiding PLINK at the Minor were all great experiences, but hopefully, I can announce something solid in the near future. "

Remind you that the last time the Estonian played in a team as a full time member was China 5POWER almost one year ago.

Remind you that at the moment, Estonia fejtZ is a free agent and can be contacted via his Twitter or his agent's email: dennis@peopleinsport.eu.

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