FCDB Esports and players part ways
Posted: Dec 2, 2018 Written by: do_0h

BelarusThe Belarusian based organization and the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team that they housed has parted ways.

The contract of the players and their coach has ended today thus the players become free agents, they will be called Belarus GoodJob.

The announcement of the release was made on the twitter page of the new team, an orgless team where the players wrote:

"On November 30, our contracts with FC “Dynamo-Brest" end, and we are ready to consider the proposals of other organizations."

The innactive player, Belarus Pavel 'Desshustle' Karpovich has parted ways with the rest, while the other now are known as Belarus GoodJob:

  • Belarus Roma 'dOBRIY' Rusak
  • Belarus Vadim 'fnyekes' Zhuraulenka
  • Belarus Nikita 'Coffe' Antsypirovich
  • Belarus Nikolai 'SADZED' Lapko
  • Belarus Anton 'boX' Burko (C)
  • Belarus Dmitry 'spirit' Veko (coach)
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