ex-x-kom squad sign with Illuminar
Posted: Jul 8, 2019 Written by: do_0h

After leaving the Poland x-kom AGO Counter-Strike:Global Offensive project that was supposed to trim down from a seven men roster to a starting five, the entire squad of ex- Poland x-kom has found a new home.

The new home is known for it's League of Legends team and is called Poland Illuminar.

The announcement was made on the official website of the new organization, there the team CEO Poland Michal Durczok said:

"Wojciech “Tabasko" Kruza (former Illuminar LoL player, currently Ultraliga project manager) once said, that Illuminar is like a family.

That's exactly how we see esports and our organization. Today, our family accepts five motivated men, who want to fight together for their passion.

Without passion, there's no esports. CS:GO is a long-term project for us. Its aim is to establish stability and the possibility to compete with the best.

There's a lot of work ahead of us, but I think it's worth to fight for what you believe in and that our mighty five will show what they're capable of soon! Please welcome the new faces of iHG. "

At the same time, Head of eSports Poland Fryderyk 'Veggie' Koziol said:

"Illuminar welcomes five motivated, amazing men ready to fight for each other's backs. Esports is a dynamic industry and you have to be ready to make rapid decisions.

The decision to sign the guys was the answer to the need of creating something new, but also consistent with the organization's DNA.

We believe that, along with five players, full of ambition, willingness to fight and bravery, we can create something special.

In the upcoming days, we're aiming to make the team feel at home, because it's a long-term project to us and we hope they'll stay with us for a long time. I myself can't wait to watch the CS:GO matches and I hope that our fans feel the same."

With this the new CS:GO team for Poland Illuminar is:

  • Poland Daniel 'STOMP' Plominski
  • Poland Oskar 'oskarish' Stenborowski
  • Poland Michal 'mono' Gabszewicz
  • Poland Pawel 'reatz' Janczak
  • Poland Pawel 'inocent' Mocek

While Poland x-kom AGO now has:

  • Poland Damian 'Furlan' Kisłowski
  • Poland Dominik 'GruBy' Swiderski
  • Poland Olek 'hades' Miskiewicz (trial)
  • Poland Milosz 'mhL' Knasiak (trial)
  • Poland Eryk 'leman' Koceba (trial)
  • Poland Mikolaj 'miNirox' Michalkow (coach)
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