ex- VeXed Gaming sign with The Final Tribe
Posted: May 8, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The mix Swedish-British based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team of Sweden VeXed Gaming, ex- Sweden VeXed Gaming as of today is part of Sweden The Final Tribe, an organization known for it's Dota2, League of Legends and Hearthstone team.

The signing on ex- Sweden VeXed Gaming team means the breakthrough into the CS:GO scene for the organization.

The Swedish based organization has announced the sign via their official twitter page where the managers wrote:

"We're incredibly excited to announce that we have expanded into yet another prominent #esport ! We have acquired the previous @Vexed_GG #CSGO roster; @quixcsgo @pythCS @csgohns @IWolfyCS @van1tyCS and are looking forward to helping the players develop, #dothework and grow further."

One of the players, Sweden Max 'quix' Lindqvist had this to say about the move:

"We are really happy to make this move from Vexed to The Final Tribe and after this great start to the season (2-0 ESEA Advanced and 3-0 in Winners League) we are even more hungry to fight up to the top 30 and make great results.

With the office in Malmö, Sweden it's gonna be a lot better for us to create something big! Thanks to Vexed for all their support and nothing but love to them."

At the same moment, to make it for a complete CS:GO roster, the managers have called a Swedish/North American player as the fifth of the team in the name of Sweden Adam 'WolfY' Andersson, whom most notably played for Sweden Epiphany Bolt back in late 2018.

The team is currently involved into the European Union Winners League Europe Invite Division Season 2, a $15000 in cash prize tournament, where they boost a total of 3 wins in group B.

The current CS:GO roster of Sweden The Final Tribe is:

  • United Kingdom Kyle 'Vanity' Garthwaite
  • Sweden Max 'quix' Lindqvist
  • Sweden Hannes 'hns' Johannson
  • Sweden Jacob 'pyth' Mourujarvi
  • SwedenUnited States Adam 'WolfY' Andersson
  • Israel Daniel 'sprayxd' Kogan (coach)

Need to mention that United Kingdom Oscar 'Ozzy' Scott was initially their fifth player, after that back in late March 2019 was replaced by Hungary Adam 'koloRRR' Domoszlay, whom now is part of Hungary Budapest Five, a team composed of:

  • Hungary Kevin 'Barcode' Bana
  • Hungary Gabor 'gabesson' Malovics
  • Hungary Fodor 'fleav' Levente
  • Hungary Atif 'gejmzilla' Mustafa
  • Hungary Adam 'koloRRR' Domoszlay
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