Dynasty Gaming Female sign ex-Team Secret
Posted: Jun 18, 2017 Written by: do_0h

The European mix of female Counter-Strike:Global Offensive players whom as far as of last week represented Team Secret has announced a new home.

The rather unknown organization, European Union Dynasty Gaming Female is their new organization.

The announcement was made on the official socialization page of an eSports news writer where it is stated:

" Team Secret #Vainglory #CSGO & Smash Bros players have joined a new team.. Kemal Sadikoglu launches Dynasty Gaming. "

It seems that former European Union Team Secret Director, Turkey Kemal Sadikoglu is the man behind this new organization.

The new European Union Dynasty Gaming Female CS:GO team is:

  • Sweden Julia 'juliano' Kiran
  • Sweden Zainab 'zAAz' Turkie
  • Denmark Michaela 'mimimicheater' Lintrup
  • Russian Federation Ksenia 'vilga' Kluenkova
  • Russian Federation Anna 'Ant1ka' Ananikova
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