Players from ex-Immortals for a new roster
Posted: Dec 4, 2017 Written by: do_0h

The Brazilian players that once donned the colours of the North American based organization United States Team Immortals in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive have now formed a new roster.

The new roster is consited of some of the best player Brazil Team Immortals had.

The announcement was made after the players decided to bootcamp in Poland ahead of the next Major that will take place in United States Atlanta, United States California, United States of America at the United States Agganis Arena starting 19'th of January 2018.

The once to announce was, Brazil Bruno 'bit' Lima, the leader of the team on his Instagram, where he posted a picture of the new team.

The new roster for bit is:

  • Brazil Henrique 'HEN1' Teles
  • Brazil Lucas 'LUCAS1' Teles
  • Brazil Lincoln 'fnx' Lau
  • Brazil Vito 'kNgV-' Giuseppe
  • Brazil Bruno 'bit' Lima

While Team Immortals has:

  • Brazil Lucas 'destinyy' Bullo
  • Brazil Caio 'zqk' Fonseca
  • Brazil Bruno 'shz' Martinelli
  • Brazil Joao 'horvy' Matheus Rodaczynski Horvath
  • Brazil Rafael 'zakk' Fernandes (coach)
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