EspiranTo goes innactive in The Imperial
Posted: Jul 17, 2018 Written by: do_0h

The European mix Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team that was on a steady incline, European Union The Imperial has suffered a loss.

Things did not go well between the newly added Captain, Germany Kevin 'KRYSTAL' Amend and one of the most valuable players of the team, Lithuania Rokas 'EspiranTo' Milasauskas.

Thus the latter will be benched by his own wish untill further notice.

The player was not pleased on how Germany kRYSTAL runned the team thus he gave an ultimatum to the managers.

The official announcement was made by the player as Lithuania EspiranTo on his twitter page wrote:

"I'm benching myself in Imperial. Reasons:

1. The team chemistry and spirit died when we replaced AcilioN with Krystal

2. Didn't want to play with Krystal before and after I tried, but I got forced to. And i was forced to change myself as a player because of his calls. It affected my impact as a player a lot.

3. Krystal might not be bad IGL but he certainly doesn't fit the team.

4. Our results online versus tier4+ teams (ESEA , EU Minor qualifiers) and Dreamhack Tours And you probably all thinking but you just won Dreamhack Summer and got MVP what is wrong?

This can be explained easily since before lan I was really tilted and wanted to leave already and told to my coach that i'm gonna play my game and I don't care what krystal is gonna say about it. And we went sucessful throught the event. After we came back same stuff, we go play online matches, he overthinks we lose or almost lose to unknown teams because he treats them with too much respect.

AND NO I WASN'T PERFECT PLAYER that's 100%. And want to say sorry for everything i have done.And i had really good time with the team and want to say thank you for everything they have done for me. But i think I need to move forward and I hope this is gonna be best for them and for me. Thank you. "

With this, the team is forced to add another fifth while Lithuania EspiranTo's future hangs in the ballance if he finds a new European team that has any impact on the scene.

The European Union Imperial CS:GO line-up now is:

  • Denmark Jesper 'TENZKI' Plougmann
  • Serbia Nemanja 'nexa' Isakovic
  • Lithuania Zygimantas 'nukkye' Chmieliauskas
  • Germany Kevin 'KRYSTAL' Amend (C)
  • Lithuania Rokas 'EspiranTo' Milasauskas (benched)
  • Ireland Neil 'NeiL_M' Murphy (coach)
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