Epsilon eSports release the French line-up
Posted: Jul 9, 2017 Written by: do_0h

The French based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive organization, France Epsilon eSports has announced the release of the French based CS:GO team.

The release comes in the light of the lack of results of the mentioned roster.

It seems that the CEO of the team, Sweden Samy Bessi could not make the team have the results they want. And the loss of the players to the France EnVyUs Academy team was to much to bare for the CEO.

The above mentioned person had this to say on the official webpage of the team:

" With the transfer of JACKZ and VKLL to EnVyUs and putting on the side of Malek, I had lost three of the five players in my initial line-up in which I had placed a lot of resources and hopes to get back on the In front of the SubTop FR scene.

Having accepted ESL's invitation for the national championship, we re-established a team in less than 12 hours. The story had taken a different direction than the initial one. After the ECN are over, I let the team continue.

I am proud of the performance they have achieved and wish them all the best in the future, especially to LoWkii and Kan4, with whom I have strong ties and of whom I will keep excellent memories especially at Perudo."

With this in mind, the organization is now left with the following CS:GO team:

Sweden Epsilon eSports has:

  • Sweden Fredrik 'freddieb' Buo
  • Sweden Andre 'BARBARR' Moller (C)
  • Denmark Lasse 'maeVe' Elgaard
  • United Kingdom Owen 'smooya' Butterfield
  • Romania Cosmin-Mihai 'COSMEEEN' Butuc
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