EPICENTER 2019 teams list
Posted: Dec 6, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The next Russian Federation EPICENTER Counter-Strike:Global Offensive tournament, has had it's teams revealed.

The event that will take place from 17'th of December 2019 till 22'nd of December 2019 at the Russian Federation Crocus Expo Hall, Russian Federation Moscow, Russia will hand a total of $500000 in cash prize.

The teams list is as follows: Kazakhstan AVANGAR, Russian Federation Natus Vincere, Russian Federation forZe, France Team Vitality, European Union Mousesports (whom replaced Sweden fnatic, due to the swedes withdrawing from the event), Denmark Heroic Gaming, United States Evil Geniuses, China EHOME.

The prize distribution:

  • 1'st. - $250000
  • 2'nd. - $120000
  • 3'rd./4'th. - $40000 each
  • 5'th./6'th. - $15000 each
  • 7'th./8'th. - $10000 each

The format of the event will see two groups of four teams with the Korea - Republic of GSL-like system, with all games Bo3, the top 3 from each group will advance into the Single Elimination Bracket, there top 1 will be directly into the Semifinals while second and third teams will duke it out in the Quarterfinals.

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