ENCE eSports wins BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019
Posted: May 12, 2019 Written by: do_0h

Last night the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Grand Final of Spain BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019 took place.

The protagonists, Finland ENCE eSports taking on Denmark Astralis Gaming, once again the danish roster was not able to win the event hosted by their main sponsor, Denmark RFRSH.

The grand final saw a quick [2-0] win of the Finnish squad with them ending the de_nuke streak of Denmark Astralis in the process.

The [2-0] was on de_nuke (16:9) and de_train (16:13), with this win, the Finnish squad took home a total of $125000 in cash prize and one of their players, Finland Jani 'Aerial' Jussila taking the MVP award.

The Stand-off game was between Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas and Portugal Giants Gaming, there the Swedes managed to scrape a narrow win and bag a total of $20000 in addition from their third place decider.

The Stand-off was:

  • Sweden f0rest vs. Portugal ZELIN - M4A4/M4A1-S (6:7)
  • Sweden Lekr0 vs. Portugal KillDream - Desert Eagle (7:4)
  • Sweden REZ vs. Portugal rmn - AK47 (7:3)
  • Sweden GeT_RiGhT vs. Portugal MUTiRiS - CZ75 (4:7)
  • Sweden dennis vs. Portugal fox - AWP (7:5)

The event was held at the Spain Madrid Arena, Spain Madrid, Spain and was broadcasted by:

  • United Kingdom Adam Savage - (stage host)
  • United Kingdom Alex 'Machine' Richardson - (desk host)
  • United States Frankie 'Frankie' Ward - (interviewer)
  • United States Noah 'Nifty' Francis - (analyst)
  • United States Christine 'potter' Chi - (analyst)
  • Australia Chad 'SPUNJ' Burchill - (analyst)
  • Switzerland Mathieu 'Maniac' Quiquerez - (analyst)
  • Denmark Anders Blume - (caster)
  • United Kingdom Henry 'HenryG' Greer - (caster)
  • United States Jason 'Moses' O'Toole - (caster)
  • Canada Mohan 'launders' Govindasamy - (caster)
  • Canada Conner 'Scrawny' Girvan - (caster)
  • United Kingdom Daniel 'ddk' Kapadia - (caster)
  • United Kingdom James 'JZFB' Bardolph - (caster)
  • United States Heather 'sapphiRe' Garrozo - (in-game observer)
  • United States David 'Prius' Kuntz - (in-game observer)
  • United States Efren 'encg' Chuong - (in-game observer)

Final prize distribution:

  • 1'st. Finland ENCE eSports - $125000 +10pts
  • 2'nd. Denmark Astralis Gaming - $50000 +8pts
  • 3'rd. Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas - $25000 + $20000 (Stand-off) +6pts
  • 4'th. Ukraine Natus Vincere- $15000 +4pts
  • 5'th. United States Cloud9 - $10000 +2pts
  • 6'th. Portugal Giants Gaming - $5000

We also need to remind you that the points will allow the teams to qualify for the European UnionUnited States States BLAST Pro Series Global Finals at the end of the year after eight series. For the time being the top looks as follows:

  • 1'st. Denmark Astralis Gaming 22pts.
  • 2'nd. United States Team Liquid - 16pts.
  • 3'rd. European Union FaZe Clan - 12pts.
  • 4'th. Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas - 10 pts.
  • 5'th. Ukraine Natus Vincere - 8pts.
  • 6'th. Brazil Made In Brazil - 6pts.
  • 7'th. United States Cloud9 - 2pts.

Note that Finland ENCE eSports is not in the top due to the fact that they came into this tournament as a wildcard.

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