Keyboard DUCKY The Year of Goat Edition
Posted: Nov 15, 2015 Written by: profi

DUCKY company presented its new gaming keyboard DUCKY The Year of Goat Edition. It got Cherry MX RGB with individual backlit for each and every button.

The MX RGB are developerd by Cherry and Corsair.

Surprisingly, manufacturer didn't share the actual switchers of the keyboard. According to rod on picture, keyboard has MX Black switchers.

The "heart" of the keyboard is ARM M3 processor. Of course as any other good gaming keyboard, it has full USB NKRO support. There is no any other "gaming" features such as USB-hub, headset output, etc.. Well, we can notice the thin frame of the keyboard.

The weight of DUCKY The Year of Goat Edition is 1.5 kg. Physical dimensions are 440 х 140 х 41 mm.

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