DreamHack Open Tours 2018: Groups
Posted: May 14, 2018 Written by: do_0h

The Groups for the France DreamHack Open 2018 Tours stop were revealed to the public. The Counter-Strike:Global Offensive tournament that will run from 19'th of May till 21'st of May 2018 will feature a total of eight team taking on each other for the $100000 cash prize.

The eight teams were drawn iton two groups of four teams:

Group A Group B
Kazakhstan Gambit Gaming Denmark Team North
Sweden GODSENT European Union HellRaisers
Poland AGO eSports France Team EnVyUs
United States Torqued European Union The Imperial

For the time being, the casting list is yet to be completed, so far only United Kingdom Vince 'Vince' Hill.

Prize distribution is the following:

  • 1'st. - $50000
  • 2'nd. - $20000
  • 3'rd./4'th. - $10000 each
  • 5'th./6'th. - $3000 each
  • 7'th./8'th. - $2000 each

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