DIVIZION add three
Posted: Jun 5, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The German based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team of Germany DIVIZION Gaming has announced the addition of three new faces. The three new faces are rather unknown for the international scene and it remains if they will be able to make Germany DIVIZION a part of that scene as for the time being, the German based team has had poor showing both on internal and international scene.

The announcement was made on the official webpage of the team where the CEO of Germany DIVIZION Gaming, Germany Dennis Schmidt wrote:

"We're always planning long-term engagements before the season, but the weak weeks and fierce relegation in the ESL championship left their mark.

The team also signaled to us that following the completion of the 99Damage League, it will go in different directions, which we have accepted."

The three were needed as Germany Tilman 'croic' Schone and Germany Tayfun 'deon7ay' Sari both left the team in search of a better climate, their future being uncertain for now.

With the three new arrived, Germany DIVIZION Gaming CS:GO now is:

  • Germany Nikola 'n1kista' Stankovic
  • Germany Niklas 'TR1P' Morsey (C)
  • Germany Marcel 'hyped' Kohn
  • Germany Alexander 'glaVed' Pletz
  • Germany Richard 'MajoRRR' Notzold

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