Defusekids is born, CRUC1AL in team
Posted: Mar 20, 2017 Written by: do_0h

The recently departured from the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team of United States Splyce Gaming, the Dutch player Netherlands Joey 'CRUCiAL' Steusel has joined a new team.

The team called Netherlands Defusekids is a new line-up on the CS:GO eSports scene.

The announcement of the new team was made via the leading eSports news site,, where two of the players from the new team had this to say.

The former United States Splyce Gaming player Netherlands Joey 'CRUCiAL' Steusel stated:

" After just over 7 months i've decided to return home to Netherlands. I learned a lot in many different ways in Splyce which I hope to bring to my new team going forward. I've decided to join a Dutch team which I feel has alot of potential with time. We will start by bootcamping for 1 week before attending Copenhagen Games next month. For expectations we will train a lot (5 days a week, 6-7 hours a day). Hopefully with time we will see the results come through. I believe a lot in this team over time to hopefully have a competing Benelux team on the map!"

While his new teammate, Netherlands Kaj 'kajsk1ng' van Staalduinen had this to say:

" We have decided to revamp an old name to create our own player-owned organization. Picking up Joey is the next step in realizing our dream to develop a relevant team with players of our own region. The next step in doing that is attending Cph Games and competing in all online qualifiers."

Need to mention that these two player used to play along side each others in various line-ups before.

The complete CS:GO team of Netherlands Defusekids looks as follow:

  • Netherlands Joey 'CRUCiAL' Steusel
  • Netherlands Kaj 'kajsk1ng' van Staalduinen
  • Netherlands Gido 'CYTARO' Brouwer
  • Netherlands Vincent 'v1N' Brouwer
  • Belgium Frederic 'Monu' Dewever
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