CyberZen lose CS:GO roster to Panda Gaming
Posted: Mar 9, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The Chinese based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team of China CyberZen has moved to a new organization.

The new organization, China Panda Gaming is another Chinese based organization founded at the same time of the team addition.

Today the first day of China Panda Gaming marked their first team also. As for the old organization, it is uncertain if the managers of China CyberZen will sign another CS:GO team or if they will leave the CS:GO scene.

The official announcement was made by the China Panda Gaming managers on their weibo page.

The new China Panda Gaming CS:GO team is:

  • China Yangyang 'ayaya' Zheng
  • China Lei 'bottle' Mao
  • China BingYuan 'tb' Li
  • China Zhen 'HZ' Huang
  • China Bin 'Savage' Liu (C)
  • China Jia 'span' Liu (coach)

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