Zyphon exit Copenhagen Flames
Posted: Aug 5, 2022 Written by: do_0h

One of the innactive Counter-Strike:Global Offensive players of Denmark Copenhagen Flames, namely, Denmark Rasmus 'Zyphon' Nordfoss has parted ways with the team.

The announcement came on the official page of the team, there CEO, Denmark Steffen Thomsen wrote:

"Rasmus was a key part of our Major qualifying lineup and he has developed immensenly since he joined in 2021.

Despite being very inexperienced; he has worked hard to improve on every aspect of his game, off and on the server.

His godlike aim proved crucial multiple times during his stay here and I'm sure his upward trajectory will continue on any other team.

We wish him all the best going forward, and will be forever grateful for what he has helped us achieve the past year."

So the future of the departed player is uncertain while Denmark Copenhagen Flames now remain:

  • Denmark Rasmus 'HooXi' Nielsen (innactive)

And the Denmark Copenhagen Flames.fe:

  • Denmark Josefine 'Josefine' Jensen
  • Denmark Anna 'ramziiN' Ramsing
  • Lebanon Pierre 'Rookie" Halajian (coach)
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