chrisJ loaned to FunPlus Phoneix
Posted: Jan 27, 2021 Written by: do_0h

The Chinese organization, China FunPlus Phoneix that just yesterday announced the addition of four ex- European Union GODSENT players and their coach has now announced the player that will make their team be completed.

The one to join the four is non other than former mousesports player, now benched, Netherlands Chris 'chrisJ' de Jong.

The Dutch will remain tied to the German based organization, mousesports being loaned to the Chinese organization after his place in the starting roster of mousesports was taken by former MAD Lions player, Denmark Frederik 'acoR' Gyldstrand.

The announcement was made on the twitter page of the team, where managers wrote:

" Our last piece of the puzzle for the first tournament of 2021 is ready???? Please welcome chrisJ to stand-in and fight with us for the DreamHack Open! Let the Phoenix fly even higher boys! See you guys in the match????!

So with this in mind, the new roster for European Union FunPlus Phoneix is:

  • Denmark Asger 'Farlig' Jensen
  • Finland Jesse 'zehN' Linjala
  • Slovakia Martyn 'STYKO' Styk
  • SerbiaMontenegro Pavle 'Maden' Boskovic
  • Netherlands Chris 'chrisJ' de Jong (on loan from European Union mousesports)
  • Sweden Jonathan 'Devilwalk' Lundberg (coach)

Remind you that European Union mousesports now is:

  • Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
  • Denmark Frederik 'acoR' Gyldstrand
  • Estonia Robin 'ropz' Kool
  • Slovakia David 'fr0zen' Cernansky
  • Lithuania Aurimas 'Bymas' Pipiras
  • Netherlands Chris 'chrisJ' de Jong (loaned to European Union FunPlus Phoneix)
  • Denmark Allan 'Rejin' Petersen (coach)

And last Denmark MAD Lions is:

  • Denmark Rasmus 'HooXi' Nielsen (C)
  • Denmark Fredrik 'roeJ' Jorgensen
  • Denmark Ismail 'refrezh' Ali
  • Denmark Rasmus 'Sjuush' Beck
  • Brazil Luis 'pacemaker' Tadeu (coach)
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