Chiefs eSports Club release coach MAGIKKK
Posted: Jul 10, 2018 Written by: do_0h

After just the other week announcing the addition of an Academy Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team, the managers behind Australia Chiefs eSports Club announced changes in their main CS:GO roster.

The managers decided it is time to part ways with the coach, Australia Alex 'MAGIKKK' Langusch.

Even if we take in consideration that Australia MAGIKKK helped the team to transition to multiple roster changes untill they found a stable roster, it seems that the results the team has listed the recently passed games was not enough for the managers as they wrote:

"seeks a change in the coaching staff who can better align with a revised practice schedule and timeframe"

The new Australia Chiefs rosters now are:

  • Australia Tyler 'tucks' Reilly (C)
  • Australia Matthew 'Texta' O'Rourke
  • Australia Sam 'flickz' Jones
  • Australia Mike 'apoc' Aliferis
  • Australia Kyran 'dizzy' Crombie

And the Academy team:

  • Australia Mitch 'Pili' Pilipowski
  • Australia Andrew 'ino' Foster
  • Australia Zac 'Hazz' Woodham
  • Australia David 'moojuice' Cox
  • Australia Luke 'ekul' Blakey
  • Australia Daniel 'forge' Fox (coach)
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