ceh9 to coach pro100
Posted: Dec 6, 2018 Written by: do_0h

The former Natus Vincere Counter-Strike 1.6 player and now a Counter-Strike:Global Offensive caster and streamer, Ukraine Arseny 'ceh9' Trynozhenko has become the official coach of the Ukraine Daniil 'Zeus' Teslenko owned CS:GO team, pro100.

The announcement was made by the organization via a post over at their official socialization page.

On the twitter page of the team managers wrote:

"Dear subscribers! We are glad to inform you that @cehebu4 becomes the coach of the pro100 team.

The nearest tournament where you can see Senya with pro100 players is a minor."

Need to mention that Ukraine ceh9 was announced back in mid May 2018 as the assistant coach of the team, at that time his role was uncertain, it remains to see if he will be the full time coach or just with the title.

The Ukraine pro100 line-up is:

  • Ukraine Dmitry 'def' Lemeshchuk (C)
  • Ukraine Leonard 'kenzor' Volodarchuk
  • Ukraine Ivan 'AiyvaN' Semenets
  • Latvia Mareks 'YEKINDAR' Galinskis
  • Latvia Vadim 'Flarich' Karetin
  • Ukraine Arseny 'ceh9' Trynozhenko (coach)

As for the former coach Russian Federation Aleksey 'ace' Kazakov, his future with the team is unclear.

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