Breakway eSports ventures into CS:GO
Posted: Sep 14, 2018 Written by: do_0h

The Australian based organization, known for it's NBA 2k19 team, Australia Breakway eSports announced the addition of a Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team.

The new team was announced via the twitter page of the organization and features some rather unknown players from the Australian scene.

The team will seek to catch the eye on the local scene for the time being and then venture into the international scene.

The new CS:GO roster for Australia Breakway eSports is:

  • Australia Luke 'Llamas' Merchant
  • Australia Andrew 'YDNA' Adams
  • Australia Alec 'Noisia' Gulabovski
  • Australia Jared 'HaZR' O'Bree
  • Serbia Stefan 'Lacore' Paunovic
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