BLEUJAYS release CS:GO team
Posted: May 15, 2017 Written by: do_0h

The German based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team whom used to play for the Germany BLUEJAYS organization has been released.

The team was released due to the lack of results and the decision of the leaders to not support a CS:GO team in the future.

The official announcement was made by the organization via a post over at their official webpage where it is stated:

" Today we are separated from our current CS: Global Offensive Team. Unfortunately, there is no longer a playful future for the team in this constellation. We would like to thank all players for their achievements last season and hope that everyone will find their way to the Esport.

A special thanks goes here, of course, to Nils and Cedrik, which of course have grown through the long cooperation to the heart. But also Patrik, John and Jon are not to be forgotten here!

All the characters who make the Esport to be as it should be: ambitious, professional and nevertheless, careful not to lose the fun in the game.

As we are going on in the CS area is currently not known, we are open for offers. # FeelBlue."

Now the future of the line-up is uncertain.

At the time of the release, the CS:GO team for Germany BLUEJAYS was:

  • Germany Cedrik 'Cedii' Kohler
  • Germany Nils 'niLssoN' Nolting
  • Germany Johannes 'threeman' Droste
  • Germany Jon 'JDC' de Castro
  • Sweden Patrik 'zajp' Knutsen
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