Bifrost Blue release female roster
Posted: Jul 14, 2021 Written by: do_0h

The European female Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team of the North Norwegian organization, Norway Bifrost Blue has departed the organization.

The team was released from their active duties and the announcement was made by the managers via a post over at the twitter page of the organization.

Not much can be said about this roster, their results have lacked even if the names of the team are well known in the female CS:GO scene.

At the time of the release European Union Bifrost Blue was:

  • Norway Hege 'Hedje' Botnen
  • Norway Aurora 'aurora-' Lyngdal
  • Sweden Vanessa 'Nessa-' Ahlstrom
  • France Mayline 'ASTRAj' Champliaud
  • Portugal Ana 'ZAna-th' Marques

The organization is left with the male CS:GO team:

  • Norway Arnfinn Hagen 'THENE' Eriksen (C)
  • Norway Markus MARKOW' Otterstad
  • Norway Torry 'TORRY' Michelsen
  • Norway Tobias 'BEZERK' Bertelsen
  • Norway Marcus 'Flaven' Skamsar
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