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Posted: Feb 4, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The Danish counter-Strike:Global Offensive team, Denmark North has parted ways with a member of their CS:GO roster.

The team coach, Denmark Alexander 'ave' Holdt, former Counter-Strike 1.6 Denmark Mortal Team Work legend has parted ways with the rest of the team.

The announcement was made on the North website by the former legend himself, it seems the decision in his own as he decided to put on hold his CS:GO career for now.

The reason being the fact that a third child is on his way and the former coach wants to spend more time with the family.

The entire post of ave is as follows:

" I've chosen to put my coaching career on hold for now. The nature of competitive CS:GO includes a lot of traveling and time away from my family. Since my wife and I are expecting our third child this Spring, I've chosen to prioritize more time with my family..

My time in North included a lot of ups and downs. I am of course proud of our trophies, especially Dreamhack Masters, but I am also disappointed that we did not manage to take home more medals, create a consistent top team - and qualify for this upcoming Major. I was the coach, and I take the responsibility on my shoulders.

I love the game and I'm forever grateful for the chance to coach some great players and be around some awesome people in North. I'm looking forward to follow the growth of North -

I am sure that this team has the potential to make it to the top.

Torbjørn is a great match for the team and I wish him the best of luck. Thank you all for your support - and who knows, I might be back some day. "

At the same time, team Director of eSports, Denmark Jonas 'whimp' Svendsen, a former teammate of ave had this to say:

" I, and the entire North organization, would like to thank Alex for his contribution and dedication to North over the last two years.

Alex is very talented, and we hope that he will return to esports in the future and hopefully in North.

Torbjørn is a very experienced and dedicated CS:GO coach. I believe that Torbjørn via his deep understanding of the game and strong presence in the locker room will be able to help us revitalize the team and our approach to the game and achieve our goals, Svendsen continues.

I have had some really good talks with Torbjørn, and he understands that the current job is to restore the players' faith in themselves and each other, and make sure that they understand the hard work that lies ahead.

We will be using the next few weeks to gauge each other, but I am positive that Torbjørn can be a valuable asset to us."

As both statements say, the new coach of the team will be another Dane, Denmark Torbjorn 'mithR' Nyborg, known as the former Germany Alternate aTTaX coach, whom for the past months coached the lesser known CS:GO team, Denmark Team eSports Partner.

With this, the Denmark North CS:GO line-up is:

  • Denmark Mathias 'MSL' Lauridsen
  • Denmark Philip 'aizy' Aistrup
  • Denmark Valdemar Bjorn 'valde' Vangsa
  • Denmark Markus 'kjaerbye' Kjaerbye
  • Denmark Nikolaj 'Niko' Kristensen
  • Denmark Torbjorn 'mithR' Nyborg (coach)

While Denmark Team eSports Partner now is:

  • Denmark Andreas 'quiNz' Herdorf
  • Denmark Lennie 'dj_skullfuck' Jochumsen
  • Denmark Rasmus 'rtA' Andersen
  • Denmark Victor 'Andkilde' Andkilde
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