AGO eSports sign SZPERO
Posted: Aug 6, 2018 Written by: do_0h

After just the other week losing, Poland Michael 'snatchie' Rudzki to Poland Virtus.Pro, the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team of Poland AGO eSports has managed to make it for a complete line-up once again.

The managers of the team secured the services of the innactive Poland Team Kinguin player, Poland Grzegorz 'SZPERO' Dziamalek.

The player, Poland SZPERO was on loan to the Poland, a team that just on the 28'th of July 2018 released their roster.

The announcement was made on the leading eSports news website from Poland, where, the manager of the team, Poland Jakub Szumielewicz wrote:

"I am very happy that Szpero joined AGO Esports. It is a very well thought-out move that will ensure the team not only a high level of skills, but also a lot of experience and, what is even more important, a higher hunger for victory and winning mentality.

Grzegorz is a very talented player with high media recognition and good reputation, so he is fully worthy of playing for the Hawks."

The official announcement was made on the twitter page of the team.

The new CS:GO teams for the two organizations involved now are:

For Poland Team Kinguin:

  • Poland Karol 'rallen' Rodowicz
  • Poland Mikolaj 'mouz' Karolewski
  • Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas
  • Poland Pawel 'reatz' Janczak
  • Poland Jacek 'MINISE' Jeziak
  • Poland Kacper 'kap3r' Sloma (innactive)
  • Poland Mariusz 'Loord' Cybulski (coach)

While Poland AGO eSports now has:

  • Poland Damian 'Furlan' Kisłowski
  • Poland Dominik 'GruBy' Swiderski
  • Poland Matthew 'TOAO' Zawistowski
  • Poland Thomas 'phr' Wojcik
  • Poland Grzegorz 'SZPERO' Dziamalek
  • Poland Mikolaj 'miNIr0x' Michalkow (coach)

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