AGF eSports present CS:GO team
Posted: Jan 11, 2018 Written by: do_0h

A new Danish based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team has surfaced the scene. Called Denmark AGF eSports, the team consists of rather unknown players.

The announcement of the new team was made on their official socialization page where it is posted:

"The CS: GO team is ready and consists of @ NoTaN1dgl @ kristouCS @ TMBCSGO @ zER0Drengen @ chr1s_gg."

Not much can be said about the team or the players that are part of it. The organization is best known for their FIFA team.

Need to mention that best known in this new CS:GO team is the former youngster that had a stint with Denmark Astralis Gaming Denmark Anton 'notaN' Pedersen after Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen got benched.

The new CS:GO team for Denmark AGF eSports is:

  • Denmark Anton 'notaN1dgl' Pedersen
  • Denmark Kristoffer 'kristou' Aamand
  • Denmark Albert 'zER0b0yMikkelsen
  • Denmark Thomas 'TMB' Bundsbaek
  • Denmark Christopher 'Chr1s' Andersen
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